[sc:projectdata client=”Nelson City Council”  contractperiod=”8 months”]

Nelson North Sewage Treatment Plant

Coman Construction carried out the concrete and carpentry works for the new insitu poured tanks.  These 4.0m high structures were a 1.2 million litre Clarifier (20.0m diameter) and 700,000 litre Trickling Filter (15.0m diameter).  Associated foundations and chambers were also formed and poured on site.

Our team came up with the innovative formwork systems to pour the compounding circular, reducing and sloping channel required for the trickling filter.  All work was carried out to the most exacting standards with waterstops, sloping falls and exacting tolerances for the mechanical structures that rotate on the concrete surface.  There was a significant responsibility for waterproofing under our contract, which was tested and verified by external parties and the Project Engineer was very impressed with our standard of accuracy and finish on the contract.