[sc:projectdata client=”Nelson Intermediate” Architect=”Red Box Architects”  contractperiod=”10 months, 2010 / 2011″]

Nelson Intermediate Seismic Upgrade

This complex project required us to insert 30 steel columns and 70 connecting beams into an existing two-storey timber building.  The columns were up to 8.5 metres in length and sat on new concrete foundation beams that had to be dug and poured inside the building.  Once the steel portal was assembled in the building, infill framing was installed and the new work was enclosed in new cedar weatherboards with a new flat roof.  The completed project has added many years of life to the old weatherboard block and has given the school a proud new face.

All of this work was carried out under a Certificate of Public Use (CPU) allowing the school to use the block whilst the construction was carried out.  This involved securing one end of the building at a time and altering the fire alarm systems to accommodate the works and to still comply with the NZ Building Code.

The management of the work (including considerations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act) was carried out in consultation with the school.  Coman Construction carefully managed the process with the obvious concerns with cranage, scaffolding, work at height and temporary waterproofing.  The Principal has acknowledged us for our expertise, consultation and consideration.